Manchester United-Juventus Primavera 4-1

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UEFA Youth League – Girone H – Match Day 03
Leigh Sports Village, Manchester

Manchester United-Juventus 4-1
Bohui (M), Greenwood (M), Nicolussi (J), Garner (M), Levitt (M).

Manchester United: Kovar, Connor, Laird (Williams), Ercolani, Garner, Barlow (Baars), Greenwood, Bohui (Mellor), Gomes (Levitt), Traore (Puigmal), Bernard. Kowċ: Nicky Butt.

Juventus: Loria, Anzolin, Serrao, Bandeira, Makoun (Gozzi), Petrelli, Fagioli (Penner), Portanova, Nicolussi (Francofonte), Capellini (Meneghini), Morrone (Frederiksen). Kowċ: Francesco Baldini.

Karti sofor: Makoun (J), Capellini (J), Bohui (M).

Karta ħamra: Bandeira (J).

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